When life gives you lemons...

Stay in shape.

Credit Fitness

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Credit Fitness™ is the concierge of credit consulting, coaching, education, and enhancement services for business owners and working professionals. Opportunities to secure personal and business funding for yourself and your business is just a click away.​

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"Credit Fitness is a lifestyle."

Stay in shape.

We believe Credit Fitness™ is a lifestyle. It will help you create a stronger personal and business credit profile that may eliminate personal guarantees on future loans and credit lines. 

Gain clarity and start your credit building journey today. 

If you have fallen into any credit challenge big or small, our staff goes beyond the traditional methods of credit enhancement. We help you obtain higher credit scores through strategic consulting, coaching and education using simple techniques that the law affords you to have as a consumer to have a fair and accurate credit report.

Our unique program can help you remove low credit score challenges and get you approved for products and services you want or need during your credit consulting and enhancement process. As a result, you will be a happy client and can afford this same opportunity to your own clients.

What is Credit Consulting? Most credit repair companies, large and small may only offer a free 15 minute consult on 1 credit report with 1 free consumer or Vantage credit score. With our extensive professional knowledge and credit enhancement experience we know the majority of consumers have problems with all 3 Major Credit Bureaus, NOT just one.


Credit Fitness™ provides organic results and confidence for business owners and working professionals, because we can get the job done. In the end, you may gain increased sales, bottom lines, successful transactions, settlements and more closings.



Share my pain...

(a little credit humor)


"The sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity."

- Victor Chasles


Are you eager and ready to get started, but want to cut to the chase and get down to business with the creator of the master plan? Well... get all of the Jump Start options and more when you consult directly with the CEO of Credit Fitness! 


With all of her coaches and staff fully trained and put through the fiercest of crucibles when it comes to consulting and training her clients about credit, she prides herself about her past and current client testimonials. 


Many who have had the awesome opportunity to speak with the most sought after F.I.C.O. Pro certified, Personal and Business Credit Coach, rant and rave about their life changing experiences after just one conversation with her.

Register right now to:

  • Get a 30 minute discovery call and consultation with the CEO of Credit Fitness, Almitra Tankersly.^

  • Get a full detailed 3 in 1 Credit Bureau Assessment and Analysis Report delivered privately and confidentially to your email within 48 hours.

  • Experience the opportunity of a life time to change and upgrade your credit status almost immediately after this call.

^ Scheduled times to speak and consult with the CEO of Credit Fitness is solely based on next availability. For special and urgent requests and/or appointments can be provided for an additional fee. Must submit your initial request with this registration and one of our staff will contact you promptly to do our best to meet your needs.  

$397.00 one-time payment

No contracts.


630 Freedom Business Ctr. Drive

PMB 124

King of Prussia, PA 19406

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Corporate Mailing Address

P.O. Box 222

Narberth,  PA 19072

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